Developed in Britain for the purpose of hunting, the beagle is one the oldest breed in the category of small dogs. The Beagle is one of the oldest breeds of small dog developed in Britain as a hunting hound.

History of the Beagle

History of the Beagle

Like most other dog breeds, not much is known on how this dog came about. However, history reveals that it was developed by Britain for the sole purpose of hunting small game. The breed had been earlier on introduced in Britain by the Romans who are believed to be its ancestors.

Over the years, this breed has grown in popularity and it is among the most sought after both as a pet and in the show ring.

Characteristics of the Beagle

The Beagle is easily recognizable due to its wide head that is also a little domed with a broad nose. The breed is uniquely adorned with large eyes and long ears that have round tips hanging beautifully on the cheeks.

Other features include a sturdy and compact body, strong loins, a long tail which is set high and a straight topline.  Beagles vary in color and it is common to find them in a tricolor (white, tan and black), white and lemon, white and red, tan and white, white and black as well as tan and white.

Height of the Beagle

Characteristics of the BeagleThe Beagle is of medium height and most common of them stand between 13 to 16 inches from the ground up to the top part of the shoulder.

Temperament of the Beagle

If you have children around, The Beagle would be one of the best companions to have as a pet. This hound is bold and energetic and its determination and stamina is one of the things that really make it stand out. These breed is very alert and happy, affectionate, full of vigor and always eager to please.

Requirements of the Beagle

Beagles are very playful and active dogs which mean they will require some exercise daily to help them relax.  One hour of exercise each day is a good start. It is also recommended to start training them early enough. Considering they still keep much of their natural hunting instincts, this breed can be easily ruled by different scents; hence, a good fence would help in securing them.

Beagles have good appetite and if fed heavily, they gain a lot of weight. An adult can be fed once or twice a day.  They have a water resistant short skin which can easily be cleaned using a sponge and water.

Health of the Beagle

Although this breed is relatively healthy, there are some conditions that affect the Beagle and this include Factor VII Deficiency, Musladin-Leuke Syndrome (‘MLS’), Canine Epilepsy and  Steroid Responsive Meningitis.

Lifespan of the Beagle

The Beagle has a lifespan of between 12 to 15 years.